Academic year 2013/2014

Javier, Alicante
Hi future Erasmus! If you did not make yet your choice for your Erasmus... Choose WROCLAW! You will not regret for it! It is for me the best city in Poland, you will have a good time here! Awesome food, good beer, beautiful city centre (rynek), and a lot of erasmus students! Moreover, you will travel a lot (because is so cheap!) and also the university makes 2 trips for all of erasmus students (for free), one to Krakow and the other to Gdansk!


Academic year 2012/2013
Alicia, Barcelona
I can only have good words for my experience as a Medical Erasmus student in Wroclaw. Right from the beginning everyone was so warm and welcoming, and they always tried their best to make it easy for the newcomers to feel at home. The Poles I met were some of the kindest people I know - I am proud to say I have made some very good friends over there.
Regarding the University, having an English Division makes it easier for international students to fit in (learning Polish is a hard job!). I met some very good and helpful Doctors that appreciated my interest in their specialty (Neurosurgery in my case) and went out of their way to show and teach me many procedures I hadn't had the opportunity to observe in my home University.
And finally, about the city of Wroclaw: to put it simple, it is beautiful. The city centre, the Cathedral, the parks, the shopping malls, the infinite number of cafes and restaurants (all of them completely affordable, if not cheap compared to other European countries) and the never-ending party options. You won't have enough time to discover everything it has to offer. Also, it is in the centre of Europe, and therefore has connections with cities like Berlin, Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Dresden, Prague and many more. Travelling is so affordable in Poland, inside the countries and also to the countries around. What's more: Wroclaw has a Ryanair airport! It's the best time to discover central Europe with the amazing people you will meet!!

  Ana, Málaga

Are you interested in travelling, meeting people, knowing different cultures and doing great practices in hospitals? Wroclaw Medical University is definitely the best choice you can do. 
I come from the South of Spain and although we have a good level of theoretical knowledge, our practices in the hospital are not very frequent. During my Erasmus-time in Wroclaw I was everyday in the hospital visiting patients, I learnt about many different pathologies (some of them I would never have watched them in my hometown) and in Medicine we cannot separate theory and practices. Also, if you really want to do additional practices in the hospital, there are many doctors who invite you to do it. That's why I consider my experience in Wroclaw allowed me to complete my medical formation.

Due to the fact that Medicine is universal, validation of qualifications was very good as well. The Erasmus office tries to help students all the time...even they offer a Polish-course during the whole year. If you like learning new languages, you are lucky. Polish and English can be added to your CV!

Wroclaw Medical University cares about their Erasmus students. They show you the wonderful city in a guide tour: museums, cathedral, parks, river-tour... and they invite students to try Polish food. What's more, they organize trips to other cities from Poland like Kraków and Gdansk. Is there something better?

Wroclaw is located in the center of Europe which means you can travel around many different places: Prague, Berlin, Viena, Bratislava, Budapest… The city is well served and students pay particularly cheap prices. The city is full of young people from very different parts of the world: Turkey, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belarus, India, Spain… Asan Erasmus student you will meet wonderful people and you will make friends for your whole life.
Opera, theater, music concerts, stand-up comedy shows, ice skating, 50zl/year gym, Christmas market, skiing ... you will find a million different things to do in Wroclaw.

But the best thing in Poland is its people. If you are lucky and you meet Polish people they will open their hearts and you will not forget them. They are very charming and they love foreigners trying to speak Polish. Nie bój się uczyć języka polskiego!

I can say that I created a big family in Wroclaw whose members are another Erasmus students and Polish people.
The land of the wódka and piwo, its unpronounceable language, the frigid winter, trams, great chocolate, flower shops open 24 hours, its beautiful and colorful buildings, Rynek which governs every city, the home of Jan Paweł II, pierogi, zapiekanka and gulasz ... A place full of magic, history and unforgettable corners is waiting to be discovered… Go to Wroclaw Medical University!